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  • Champagne
  • Dessert
  • Red
  • Rose
  • Sparkling
  • White


  • Arbane
  • Babić
  • Chardonnay
  • Debit
  • Graševina
  • Grenache
  • Grk
  • Malvasia Dubrovačka
  • Malvasija Dubrovačka
  • Malvazija Istarska
  • Maraština/Rukatac
  • Muscat
  • Plavac Mali
  • Poreč Red Rose Muscat
  • Pošip
  • Pušipel
  • Red Blend
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Syrah
  • Teran
  • Traminac
  • Tribidrag/Crljenak Kaštelanski/Zinfandel
  • Vugava
  • White Blend
  • White Blend
  • Yellow Muscat


  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020


  • Croatian Uplands
  • Dalmatia
  • Istria & Kvarner
  • Slavonia & Danube


  • Antunović
  • Bibich
  • Chateau Mario
  • Cmrečnjak
  • Crvik
  • Deak
  • Dubrovački Podrumi
  • Dvanajščak-Kozol
  • Fakin
  • Grgić
  • Hažić
  • Horvat
  • Jagunić
  • Jakopić
  • Kabola
  • Kocijan
  • Komarna 7
  • Krauthaker
  • Marlais
  • Merga Victa
  • Preiner
  • Radovanović
  • Ritoša
  • Rizman
  • Saints Hills
  • Stina
  • Terra Madre
  • Testament
  • Volarević
  • Štampar


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$23 - $110
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Terra Madre Pošip Premium 2019
3.8 |
16 Ratings
Fresh, citrusy, mineral overtones, Full of flavor w/15% Chardonnay. Dalmatia/Komarna
Volarević Pošip 2020
4.4 |
21 Ratings
Fresh wine, mineral overtones, full of flavor and layered aroma. Dalmatia/Korčula
Merga Victa Pošip 2019
3.9 |
189 Ratings
Crisp, dry white wine with aromas and flavors of peach and citrus. Korčula.
Rizman Pošip 2019
4 |
61 Ratings
Dry, vibrant Pošip with hints of fruits. 5% Viognier. Komarna
Grgić Pošip 2018
4.1 |
346 Ratings
From the island of Korčula, under the supervision of Miljenko Grgić. Korčula/Pelješac
Saints Hills Posh 2019
3.8 |
29 Ratings
Flavorful, pale yellow Pošip with fruits, pineapple aromas. Wine Enthusiast 90. Korčula.
Marlais Dišpet 2018
4 |
25 Ratings
Dry white wine, light gold, fresh with moderate acidity. Pelješac Peninsula.
Stina Vugava 2019
3.7 |
31 Ratings
Vugava varietal with an aftertaste of citrus. From the island of Vis near Brač.
Ritoša Malvazija Istarska 2019
Light straw color with greenish overtones, flowery aroma, fruity notes. Istria.
Fakin Malvasija 2020
4.1 |
130 Ratings
Dry, golden/yellow color, creamy full body .Decanter Gold 95. Istria.
Fakin La Prima Malvazija 2018
4.2 |
31 Ratings
Dry, golden yellow, creamy full body and aroma, pleasant minerality. Decanter Gold. Istria
Kabola Amfora Malvazija 2018
3.9 |
21 Ratings
Amfora aged straw yellow, full-bodied, excellent minerality. Decanter Bronze 88. Istria
Testament Debit 2019
3.7 |
16 Ratings
Big aromas of fruit, strong flavors, refreshing. North Dalmatia (near Šibenik).
Testament Debit 2020
3.6 |
21 Ratings
Big aromas of fruit, strong flavors, refreshing. North Dalmatia (near Šibenik).
Saints Hills Mala Nevina 2018
4.2 |
115 Ratings
Straw yellow blend of Malvasia and Chardonnay. Istria.
Dubrovački Podrumi Malvasija Dubrovačka 2019
3.5 |
15 Ratings
Aromas of dried white fruits, honey and flowers. Dalmatia/Cavtat
Crvik Amber Blasius 2019
4 |
13 Ratings
Skin/amber/orange wine, aged in an oak barrel on skins for 8 months. Dalmatia/Konavle
Volarević Kremena Malvasija Dubrovačka 2020
Skin/amber/orange wine, 150 days skin contact. Malvasia Dubrovačka. Dalmatia/Komarna
Saints Hills Le Chiffre 2019
4.6 |
35 Ratings
Buttery Chardonnay with layers of aromas and flavors. Istria
Antunović Chardonnay sur Lie Grand Selection 2017
Pleasant freshness with elegant notes of acidity and a subtle note of vanilla. Slavonia
Radovanović Grk 2020
4.2 |
34 Ratings
Grk is a sought-after white wine only from the island of Korčula. Decanter Bronze 88.
Jagunić Traminac Crveni Amber 2019
4.7 |
14 Ratings
Amber (orange) Traminac. Notes of mandarin, honey, minerals. Croatian Uplands/Plešivica
Kabola Secco 2020
Dry, fresh Momjan Muscat with chamomile, acacia honey, orange and pineapple. Istria
Cmrečnjak Graševina 2019
Lively white wine, aromatic with fruit. Uplands/Međimurje.
Hažić Graševina 2018
Dry, straw-yellow, with a pronounced aroma of oak. Uplands/Međimurje.
Krauthaker Graševina 2019
4.1 |
45 Ratings
Intense aroma hinting of fresh apples and some vineyard peaches – from Slavonia
Antunović Graševina Tradition Grand Selection 2017
Creamy, mild and elegant. Lively and salty minerality. Slavonia
Kocijan Sauvignon Blanc 2018
A light, dry wine with pleasing aromas – Decanter Bronze 86. Uplands/Međimurje.
Jakopić Pušipel Classic 2018
4.2 |
17 Ratings
Dry, yellow green color, medium acidity, aromatic apple, pear, citrus. Uplands/Međimurje.
Štampar Pušipel Classic 2019
3.8 |
24 Ratings
Dry, light and lively, yellowish-green hue with herbal notes. Uplands/Međimurje
Dvanajščak-Kozol Pušipel Prestige 2017
3.9 |
26 Ratings
Premium Pusipel, dry, elegant, silky – Decanter Bronze. Uplands/Međimurje
Antunović Jubilea Reserve Grand Selection NV
Special jubilary archive wine. Blend of 3 white varieties. Decanter Silver 92. Slavonia
Kabola Muškat Momjanski (500ml) 2020
Semi-sweet Momjan Muscat (500ml), fresh, delicious flavor with medium body. Istria
Horvat Yellow Muškat 2018
Sweet dessert wine, golden with moderate acidity level, very aromatic. Uplands/Međimurje.
Preiner Yellow Muscat 2018
Sweet dessert wine, fresh and light, with a delicate nutmeg aroma. Uplands/Međimurje.
Jagunić Three Stars Brut 2017
Sparkling wine blend of local varieties from three vineyards. Croatian Uplands/Plešivica.
Štampar Urban White NV
Sparkling wine made from Furmint grapes. Decanter Gold 95. Uplands/Međimurje
Volarević Sparkling Malvasia Dubrovačka 2019
Our first sparkling wine, made from Malvasia Dubravačka. Aromas of citrus. Neretva
Deak ĆaĆa Moj Plavac Mali Rosé 2018
Dry, fresh Plavac Mali rosé. ĆaĆa Moj means “my dad”. Komarna.
Terra Madre Plavac Mali Rosé 2019
Dry and crisp Plavac Mali rosé blended with a little Syrah. Komarna.
Volarević Plavac Mali Rosé La Chic 2019
Dry and crisp, with structure Plavac Mali rosé. Komarna.
Rizman Plavac Mali Rosé Rusula 2019
3.8 |
16 Ratings
Dry and crisp Plavac Mali rosé with aromas of red fruits, with a little Syrah. Komarna.
Marlais Plavac Mali Rosé Rapsodija 2018
Fruity and very refreshing Plavac Mali rosé. Pelješac Peninsula.
Ritoša Rosé 2018
A blend of Teran and Red Rose Muskat. Istria.
Saints Hills St. Heels 2019
4.2 |
82 Ratings
ONLY TWO LEFT!!! Dry Plavac Mali rose. Dalmatia/Komarna
Ritoša Red Rose Muskat Porečki 2020
Semi-sweet red muskat, cranberry and citrus notes. Istria.
Komarna 7 Plavac Mali 2016
4.2 |
23 Ratings
Full-bodied, robust Plavac Mali. Produced exclusively for CPWI, avail only in US. Komarna.
Terra Madre Plavac Mali Barrique 2016
3.8 |
18 Ratings
Medium-bodied Plavac Mali blended with a little Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Komarna.
Marlais Plavac Mali 2017
A dry red wine from 10 to 30-year-old Plavac Mali vines. Pelješac
Stina Cuvee Red 2019
A blend of Plavac Mali, Merlot, Shiraz/Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon. Brač.
Jakopić Cuvee 2015
Ripe, fruity blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah. Croatian Uplands/Međimurje
Antunović Tango With Life Grand Selection NV
Special selection Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc blend. Slavonia
Crvik Vilin Ples 2018
4.4 |
10 Ratings
Cab Sauvignon, Merlot, Plavac​. Fruit aromas, strong body, light tannins. Dalmatia/Konavle
Ritoša Teran 2016
Medium body, mild scent of red rose and pepper, a taste of mixed berry fruit. Istria.
Fakin Teran 2019
3.8 |
56 Ratings
Full and strong bodied with a flavor and nose of forest fruits. Decanter Gold 95. Istria
Fakin Il Primo Teran 2017
4.2 |
30 Ratings
Medium-bodied, with aromas of forest fruits. Decanter Silver 93. Istria.
Kabola Amfora Teran 2016
3.9 |
19 Ratings
Aged Teran, full-bodied, deep ruby color. Decanter Bronze 88. Istria
Testament The Dalmatian Dog Babić 2018
3.5 |
1135 Ratings
Medium body, lively ruby color, scent of Maraska sour cherry. Decanter Bronze 88. Sibenik
Testament Babić 2017
4 |
351 Ratings
Rich flavors, lively acids, strong structure. Decanter Silver 93. Dalmatia (Šibenik)
Bibich Babić 2016
4 |
16 Ratings
100% Babić oaked 1 year, aromas of smoke, tobacco, cherry – from North Dalmatia
Volarević Plavac Mali 2015
3.9 |
44 Ratings
Bold, full-bodied quality Plavac Mali. Decanter Silver 90. Komarna.
Bibich G6 Grenache 2017
3.9 |
11 Ratings
100% Grenache Noir, aromas of pepper, sage, chocolate – North Dalmatia
Terra Madre Plavac Mali Premium 2016
3.8 |
33 Ratings
Well-developed reserve Plavac Mali with some Syrah and Cab. Decanter Silver 90. Komarna.
Terra Madre Plavac Mali Premium 1.5L Magnum with wooden gift box 2016
3.8 |
33 Ratings
1.5L Magnum version with a wooden gift box. Komarna.
Grgić Plavac Mali 2017
4.2 |
126 Ratings
From Dingac and Postup using the methods of Miljenko Grgić. Pelješac
Dubrovački Podrumi Crljenak 2016
3.5 |
12 Ratings
Crjenak (Zinfandel). Fresh acids, aromas of red fruits, prunes, raisins. Dalmatia/Cavtat
Rizman Tribidrag 2017
4.2 |
52 Ratings
An indigenous varietal, the original Zinfandel, with some Tempranillo added. Komarna.
Rizman Plavac Mali Primus 2015
3.9 |
245 Ratings
Elegant reserve Plavac Mali with finesse. Komarna.
Rizman Plavac Mali Primus 1.5L Magnum with wooden gift box 2016
3.8 |
50 Ratings
1.5L Magnum version with a wooden gift box. Komarna.
Marlais Plavac Mali Škrapa 2016
Powerful, herbal, complex, fruity taste, plums, jam, lively tannins. Pelješac Peninsula
Stina Plavac Mali Majstor 2016
4.4 |
287 Ratings
Robust and full-bodied aged reserve Plavac Mali. Brač
Volarević Plavac Mali Gold Edition 2016
4.4 |
169 Ratings
Powerful, full-bodied reserve Plavac Mali, 30% raisination. Komarna.
Volarević Plavac Mali Gold Edition 2013
4.2 |
138 Ratings
Powerful full-bodied reserve Plavac Mali, 30% raisination. Limited quantity left. Komarna.
Volarević Plavac Mali Platinum Edition 2018
Powerful, concentrated and opulent. Dalmatia/Komarna
Chateau Mario Plavac Mali 2016
Powerful, fruity and elegant blend of 90% Dingac Plavac Mali and 10% Chardonnay. Dingač.
Chateau Mario Plavac Mali 2017
Powerful, fruity and elegant blend of 90% Dingac Plavac Mali and 10% Graševina. Dingač.
Saints Hills Plavac Mali St. Roko 2015
3.9 |
104 Ratings
Elegant, full-bodied reserve Plavac Mali. Wine Enthusiast 92. Komarna
Saints Hills Plavac Mali Dingač 2015
4.1 |
78 Ratings
Warm and full-bodied, chocolate and fruit. Wine Enthusiast 94. Dingač.
Bibich Bas De Bas Crno 2015
4.5 |
79 Ratings
90% Syrah, 10% Merlot, flavors of berries, cherry, blackberry jam. North Dalmatia
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