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Volarević Plavac Mali Rosé La Chic

2019 Volarević Plavac Mali Rosé La Chic

Volarević Plavac Mali Rosé La Chic 2019

2019 Volarević Plavac Mali Rosé La Chic
The vineyard is located in Komarna, the youngest appellation in Croatia, with an altitude of 72-132m. The composition of the soil is 50% limestone, which contributes to rich minerality and nutrients. Parts of the vineyard have up to 40% inclination, and the vineyard is located close to the sea. This salty place allows the vine to receive optimal sunlight and heat due to inclination and stony soil containing heat, and due to the proximity of the sea and the wind, the consequences of freezing are avoided. Due to all these parameters, grapes easily accumulate sugar and anthocyanins. However, cold night temperatures throughout the year allow grapes to retain a greater amount of acid. The inability to develop diseases and pests enables organic production of grapes and minimal amounts of copper and sulfur are used for protection and only organically certified fertilizer for nutrition. Most winegrowing work is done manually. TECHNOLOGY: Grapes are harvested by hand during the night to preserve acids and varietal aromas. Plavac Mali has a high concentration of color in the skin and therefore we have the challenge of making the color of the juice as bright as possible. The grapes are first dropped to the temperature of 4°C then go for a gentle press so that there is no great color extraction, which is why we have high quality juice from Plavac Mali. Fermentation takes place at low temperatures to preserve freshness and fruity odors. WINE DESCRIPTION: the tender side of robust Plavac, very delicate nose with pronounced fruity aromas. On the mouth quite fresh with a distinct strawberry aroma.
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Wine Specs

Region Dalmatia
Appellation Komarna
Vineyard Volarevic
Vintage 2019
Varietal Plavac Mali