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About Croatian Premium Wine

Our Story

Mirena is Croatian. Before emigrating to the US following college, she grew up deeply steeped in the culture of Dalmatia in the midst of the agriculture and winemaking of the rich soil of the Neretva Valley, beginning with participating as a child in her grandfather’s winemaking.

Her parents were active participants in preserving and illuminating the culture of the region. Her father, Vido Bagur, is an ethnographer internationally known and published for his work about traditional village songs and dances; her mother, Radojka Bagur, just recently published a deeply researched book on the traditional costumes and dress of the Neretva Valley.

Over the years, Mirena has worked in many dimensions to support the culture, traditions and economy of her beloved Croatia. Her activities have included dancing in a national troupe that performed internationally; singing and traveling with Pajdasi, a Croatian-American group specializing in traditional Croatian songs; serving as the President of the non-profit New England Friends of Croatia; supporting the emerging entrepreneurial community in Croatia as a lecturer and mentor; and introducing many Americans to Dalmatia through custom “backdoor” tours.

Along the way, Mirena introduced her husband, Win Burke, a high tech entrepreneur and wine lover, to the country of Croatia and her home region of Dalmatia, including the food, and, of course, the wine. Spending as much time as they can during the warm months at their family beach house on the Adriatic, over time they have strengthened their family and friend connections with the local winemakers. The development of the local Komarna appellation into a world-class wine-making region has excited them, and they happily look forward to helping introduce the wines of Komarna to the US as a part of the greater story of the rich culture of the Neretva Valley and the Dubrovnik-Split region of Dalmatia.

Our Mission —

Introduce and promote the culture, wines and cuisine of Croatia in the United States.