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Read more about the behind-the-scenes of Croatian Premium Wine below. Check out our latest blog posts to stay up to date on our operations.

Another container is on the way!

Texsom 2024

Our next container is on the way

27 more Croatian wines score 90+ in Wine Enthusiast ratings

Happy and Healthy New Year – from our family to yours

Sunset on the Adriatic

BIBICh Wines Are Available

Shipment arrived today in Port of NY/NJ

A trade trip to Croatia May-June 2022

Thoughts on the 3rd anniversary of the founding of our company

5 Questions to Ask: Croatian Wine Gifting

The container from Croatia finally arrived at our warehouse today

Next container is about to cross the Atlantic

New shipment arrives!

Croatia Festa at the Dubrovnik Restaurant in New Rochelle, NY

International Pošip Day

Introducing our new Croatian Wine Club

Vincekovo Traditions in the Croatian Uplands

Peace, Happiness, and above all — Health

“Croatian Wine 4 Croatian Communities” Call for Participation for US Non-profits

Martinje Celebration video & upcoming MasterClass

Martinje – Croatian Wine Celebration streamed from the Croatian Embassy on Nov. 5

Join a Conversation and Tasting with an Expert: Lauren Mowery of Wine Enthusiast

Our next shipment is on the water

Our new distributor in Massachusetts – 21st Century Wine Co.

Enjoying wine with friends during the COVID-19 crisis

Three exquisite wine-pairing dinners in February

From the pen of one of the oldest wine stores in Boston…

Second shipment – we have added six new wines to our portfolio

First anniversary celebration

The ship with our second shipment has arrived

Our second shipment container is on the way

Our Online Store goes live!

Celebrating Martinje with the Croatian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The Passionate Foodie posts “Komarna: Exploring Croatia’s Newest Wine Region”

(While visiting Croatia) Harvesting memories and new learnings

(While visiting Croatia) Hosting wine and food experts in Dalmatia

(While visiting Croatia) Wine is a family business

An Amazing First Six Weeks!

First pickup from warehouse/First event at Solera

Our ship has come in!!!

The first shipment is being prepared to leave later this week.

All 9 Wine Labels Have Been Approved (COLAs) for Import

Our first samples have arrived!

Update from Croatia

Received US Federal importer and wholesaler permits

Establishment of Croatian Premium Wine Imports, Inc.