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The Croatian 101 Wine Club

The Croatian 101 Wine Club is a subscription club that offers members periodic shipments of wines at a 15% discount and with discounted shipping, at a frequency that you choose, and with the wines that you choose. You are in complete control of your subscription.


  • There is no fee to join – membership is free
  • First shipment by default is 3 days after joining, but you can choose to skip the first shipment
  • Credit card is required at time of registration, but will be charged only at the time of shipments
  • 15% discount off all wine purchases of 6+ bottles (not just club shipments)
  • Flat rate of $9.95 shipping for all orders of 6+ bottles (not just club shipments)
  • Choice of shipment frequency (every 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 months); you can change the frequency at any time
  • Minimum of 6 bottles in each shipment, add as many as you want
  • We make default suggestions for each shipment, but you can change the content of each shipment as you like (some items, including low inventory items, are excluded from club shipments)
  • Typical 6-bottle selection is approx $175-200
  • You will receive an email notice two weeks before the shipment, and can make any changes to the shipment that you wish at that time, including adding items
  • You can choose to skip any shipment
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