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Prović Livija Zlatarica

2021 Prović Livija Zlatarica

Prović Livija Zlatarica 2021

2021 Prović Livija Zlatarica
Livia is a wine made from Zlatarica, an indigenous white variety that is one of the parents of Pošip from Korčula island (the other one is bratkovina bijela). Today it is mostly found in the vineyards arround Vrgorac and Neretva. As a single variety and quality wine it is rarely found in the market. She takes her name after the Roman empress, the wife of Augustus. Liviyj is a seductive, fresh wine with lovely aromatics, light and ideal as a refreshment in the summer, with or without food.
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Wine Specs

Region Dalmatia
Vintage 2021
Varietal Zlatarica