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Marlais Rosé Rapsodija

2022 Marlais Rosé Rapsodija

Marlais Rosé Rapsodija 2022

2022 Marlais Rosé Rapsodija
Dalmatia/DOI Ponikve. A rosé wine made from Plavac Mali grapes. The maceration lasts only two hours, followed by the fermentation and subsequent ageing in stainless steel barrels. This wine is an excellent choice on hot summer days as it is a refreshment that can be easily combined with food. The taste is full and enduring, the body medium and the finish quite long. Characteristics of this Marlais wine: Fruity and very refreshing, with a long aftertaste and the scent of fresh watermelon and strawberries. Pairing tip: It is best combined with stewed, fried and smoked fish.
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Region Dalmatia
Vintage 2022
Varietal Plavac Mali