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Not all is dark on a Black Friday: 20% off Select Whites, Reds and Rosé

Are you one of many American families skipping Thanksgiving gathering this year? Our family is, and like many we are moving on early to start planning the Holiday celebration, including shipping gifts to family members we will not be able to see this year.

And to make sure your gifts arrive in time, we are introducing an early-access Black Friday special – 20% off for a week for Volarevic Posip, Terra Madre Posip, Deak Plavac Mali Rose, Terra Madre Plavac Mali Barrique, Rizman Plavac Mali Primus, Volarevic Plavac Mali, Terra Madre Plavac Mali Premium and Komarna 7 Plavac Mali.

While transportation companies are promising us the same schedule as in other months this year, we are anticipating many more gifts on the trucks overall. If you will be ordering wine for Holiday gifts or for your own celebrations, please order early, particularly if you are on the East Coast.

PS — We are soft-launching our digital gift cards. You can find them at the bottom of the Shop page.

Shipping Special – $9.95 for 6+ bottles, $1 for 12+ bottles

SHIPPING: We ship via UPS Ground to most states from our warehouse and fulfillment center in Windsor, California. Orders are typically fulfilled the business day following the placement of the order, and take 2-8+ business days to be delivered, depending on the shipping distance from California and whether or not “temperature-controlled” shipping is used. For Virginia, New York and New Hampshire, it may take as long as 10+ days.

The list of states to which we currently do not ship changes frequently as individual states update their regulations, and currently includes: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Utah.