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Antunović Chardonnay sur Lie Grand Selection

2017 Antunović Chardonnay sur Lie Grand Selection

Antunović Chardonnay sur Lie Grand Selection 2017

2017 Antunović Chardonnay sur Lie Grand Selection
Wine Enthusiast 91. The properties that this wine variety has been provided by the modern way of processing refer to pleasant freshness with elegant notes of acidity and a subtle note of vanilla and toasted bread as a consequence of the wine being in touch with oak tree. This wine has aged in big Slavonian oak barrels so that oak aromas are not too dominant. It strikes perfect balance of primary and oak aromas. “The wine is characterized by a beautiful straw yellow color with golden edges, while simultaneously being crystal clear and partially dense… The first scent that presents itself is a floral aroma in the form of white meadow flowers followed by notes of meadow honey and ripe nectarine. The second olfactory experience is accompanied by notes of vanilla and butter, followed by a note of dried apricots, dried almonds and faint nuances of black truffle. The wine is dry, partially warm and soft. On the other hand, it is adorned with pleasant freshness, subdued and gentle tannins, and very good minerality and a medium body. This Dalj chardonnay sur lie is in impressive balance − the intensity and longevity of its taste is pronounced and the quality of the taste is very fine. The wine is harmonious, with a peach aftertaste. It is in excellent form and there should be no urgency with its consummation, since it can last at least seven to eight years inproper storage conditions. Enogastronomically speaking, I paired it with grilled Adriatic tuna steak.” Glas Istre, by Emil Perdec. It is recommended to be served at the temperature of 12°C in a Burgundy glass, accompanied with snacks, fish, poultry, beef, cold lamb, game, hard cheese and eggs.
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Region Slavonia & Danube
Vintage 2017
Varietal Chardonnay