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(While visiting Croatia) Wine is a family business

by Simon Solis-Cohen | Published September 9, 2019

While here in Croatia for a few weeks, I visited Terra Madre Winery, one of our partner wineries in the Komarna appellation.

Wine business is family business! Ante Bagur (my uncle) and I visited with Davor Martinović, one of three directors/owners at Terra Madre Winery, Vedrana Martinovic Trutina, marketing, and Marko Sauman, the winemaker — in a working meeting. We agree we’ve accomplished a lot in less than six months.

Then the fun really begins — we watch the new tank being installed while finding out about the “American” boxes and the pallets ready for our next shipment. But wait… the plot thickens — I find out that another directors’ second generation is also involved. Marko Dominikovic, in charge of shipping and Gorana Dominiković, assistant oenologist. Their Mom, Liberanka, went to elementary school with me for 8 years.

It’s a family business indeed!