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Our next container is on the way

by Win Burke | Published August 10, 2023

Our next container is on the way

Our next container left the port of Bremerhaven today 8/10/2023 on the container ship MSC Anisha R (pictured above). It is a 40 ft container, containing 13,092 bottles, scheduled to arrive in the port of Boston on 8/22/2023.

In addition to new vintages of a number of wines already in our portfolio, we also have wines from five wineries that are new to us, including Hazdovac (Mljet), Iločki Podrumi (Slavonia), Matuško (Dingač and Pelješac), Violić Jurica (Dingač) and Zure (Korčula).

After arrival in Boston, it will take another 2-3 weeks to transport some of these wines to our online store warehouse in Windsor, CA, where they will be available for ordering and shipping.

We will be announcing these new additions to the online store as they become available in our email newsletter.