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First anniversary celebration

by Simon Solis-Cohen | Published January 1, 2020

January 10 is the company’s first anniversary.

It has been a whirlwind year establishing the company and its infrastructure, and beginning operations. We started by creating a true partnership with the people of the Komarna appellation wineries in Dalmatia, and selected the adventurous, eko-certified, indigenous wines to introduce to the US. Then…

  • Set up office space, phones, email system, website and warehouses
  • Shipped our first two containers of wine from Croatia to Boston
  • Worked with our first wine stores and restaurants in Massachusetts
  • Signed our first distributors in other states
  • Hosted our first group of wine experts and writers in Croatia
  • Had our first profile published on both sides of the pond – Slobodna Dalmacija and CroatiaWeek
  • Collaborated on a first project with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Embassy for the Martinje tasting event in DC
  • Connected with leading winemakers in the other wine regions of Croatia to prepare for introducing their wines in the US in 2020
  • and… opened our Online Store in time for the holiday season


We could not have done this without many of you who have helped by encouraging us, by connecting us with the right people in the wine industry, and by helping spread the word about the quality of Croatian wines. Thank you.

To succeed in establishing Croatian wines in the US market, and thus positively impact the growth of the wine sector in Croatia, we need to address “Crossing the Chasm” from the “visionary early adopters” to the “early majority” of wine drinkers (yes, we are techies after all). We invite you to help us get there.

For the month of January, to celebrate our first anniversary with you, we are slashing shipping costs. Click here to visit our Online Store, and enjoy some of Croatia’s best Plavac Mali, Tribidrag and Pošip!


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