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(While visiting Croatia) Hosting wine and food experts in Dalmatia

by Simon Solis-Cohen | Published September 30, 2019

While visiting Mirena’s home area in the Dubrovnik-Neretva region of Dalmatia, we had the pleasure of hosting a group of wine and food experts and writers – Luiz Alberto, Nanci Bergamo, Gian Luca Garratoni, Sue Tolson and Richard Auffrey. Each of them has posted various items about their experiences on Facebook and other social media, which we have highlighted on our Facebook page. In addition, Richard Auffrey has begun a series of posts on his blog “The Passionate Foodie”, which we especially want to feature.

We joined with our Komarna region winery partners, local friends and family to introduce this group not only to the world class wines of the region, but also to the culture and cuisine which gives the wine context. We all had a wonderful time during this adventure, made some new friends for life, and look forward to the next time.


Win Burke and Mirena Bagur