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An Amazing First Six Weeks!

by Simon Solis-Cohen | Published August 10, 2019

Our first shipment arrived from Croatia at the warehouse on June 27, and our first pickup from the warehouse was the next day, Friday June 28. Wasting no time, we had our first wine tasting that evening at the Solera wine store.

From that moment, for the past six weeks, we have had an amazing, head-spinning time. We have visited many wine stores and restaurants in the Boston area to have them sample our wines. Our wines have been well received, and as of today nine wine stores and seven restaurants have agreed to carry our wines. We have conducted five public wine tastings at wine stores, and served our wines at three food and wine pairing dinners at restaurants. Finally, we have made our first shipment of wine to a distributor in another state.

The pace shows no sign of letting up these next two weeks, but then will pause for 6 weeks while we are in Croatia to visit our current wineries and explore new wineries.

It is exciting, and we are having fun.


Mirena and Win