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Our second shipment container is on the way

by Simon Solis-Cohen | Published November 26, 2019

Today our second shipment of 15,000 bottles of wine left the port of Bremerhaven, Germany (after being trucked there from Dalmatia) in a 40-foot container, bound for the port of Boston, due to arrive on December 4 on the container ship MSC Katya R.

In this shipment, in addition to replenishing inventories of existing wines, we have included wines from two more wineries which have vineyards in the Komarna appellation: Deak Family Winery (2018 Plavac Mali Rose); and Saints Hill Winery (2016 Plavac Mali from their St. Roko vineyard in Komarna, as well as a 2015 Plavac Mali from their St. Lucia vineyard in the Dingac appellation). Also included are some additional wines from Volarevic (2018 Posip and 2016 Plavac Mali Gold Edition). And lastly, a special surprise wine from Komarna that we will unveil later.

We will be at Castle Island in South Boston on December 4 watching our ship come in.


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