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Our next shipment is on the water

by Simon Solis-Cohen | Published May 18, 2020

Our third container of wine has just left the Port of Bremerhaven, Germany on the container ship MSC Zlata R. (pictured above). It is scheduled to arrive in the Port of Boston on May 26, where it will be transferred to our warehouse in Taunton, MA.

On board are 12,918 bottles from 18 different wineries, including not only wineries in Dalmatia that are new to us, but also wineries in other regions of Croatia. Adding to the varietals we already have (Plavac Mali, Posip and Tribidrag), we will be adding a number of indigenous varietals.

We are very excited about broadening our portfolio to represent additional wine regions and varietals of Croatia, and will be providing the details of the new wines to our email distribution list.


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