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Peace, Happiness, and above all — Health

by Win Burke | Published January 2, 2021

In our quest to spread the joy of Croatian wines across the US, we innovated and adapted as the year progressed – appropriately for the times, and from the perspective of a young start-up company.

We are delighted that so many of you have whole-heartedly joined us and genuinely offered not only your support, but also assistance in various ways.  From walking into stores and restaurants and asking if they carry Croatian wines, to writing about it in your blogs, to introducing us to the right people, and posting your favorite wines and meal pairings on your social media posts…

We are also grateful for an unexpected benefit of developing friendships with many of you — we hear your stories about your trips to Croatia, where your families are from, which vineyard you just visited, and listen about your favorite wines. It is fulfilling to know that the Croatian wines help you relive your memories.

As we reflect on the last year, we are grateful for family and friends, whom we see only on video calls or around a firepit outside.

For the new year, we wish everyone peace, happiness and health as we patiently wait for the bright future.


Mirena and Win