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Enosophia Trs No. 5 Grasevina

New Release
2022 Enosophia Trs No. 5 Grasevina

Enosophia Trs No. 5 Grasevina 2022

New Release
2022 Enosophia Trs No. 5 Grasevina
COLOR Light yellow, medium deep color with green nuances. SCENT Elegant, pure and lasting. Fruity and fresh with primary sort aroma of citrus and white acacia flowers. AROMA Dry, soft, rounded with a touch of buttery notes accompanied by freshness that gives Graševina liveliness and flutter. Creative gastro novelty – NEW FACE OF GRAŠEVINA. Calm yield of 1.5 kg per vine from a 35-year-old vineyard. SERVING at 10-12 °C in a universal medium size glass. VINIFICATION Must sedimentation, alcohol fermentation with malolactic fermentation lasting for 12 days at 16 °C. keeping at fine yeast sediment for 4 months with stirring. WINE REGION East continental Croatia, Vineyard Feričanci VARIETY Graševina HARVEST 2022. LOCATION Goveđa glava, Ravno brdo 30 -year-old vineyards SOIL Loam ABV 12,5 %
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Region Slavonia & Danube
Vintage 2022
Varietal Graševina