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Enosophia Today Rose

New Release
2022 Enosophia Today Rose

Enosophia Today Rose 2022

New Release
2022 Enosophia Today Rose
COLOR Gentle rose. SCENT Fruity aroma with emphasis on strawberries, raspberries, blackberries with notes of ripe forrest fruit. AROMA Fruity, dry sparkling wine accompanied by pleasant freshness and constancy, rounded with numerous bubbles. Freshness and acidity are pleasantly felt on the palate, which turn into elegance of ripe citrus fruits. Expressive freshness and light drinkable body. SERVING At 6-8°C. PAIRING WITH FOOD First of all refreshing, light, drinkable daily wine. Ideal as elegant aperitif. Perfectly combined with tuna and salmon meals, sea fruit and various carpaccios, and soft cheeses. Good company to certain desserts (panna cotta, tart). Reduced sugar : 8,1 g/l pH: 2,91 Total acidity: 7,8 g/l VINIFICATION Primary fermentation of base wine at 16 °C. After primary fermentation, secondary fermentation was started in autoclave tanks ( lasting for 12 days ) with so called Charmat method for production of sparkling wine. Aging on yeast for 2 months. WINE REGION Continental Croatia, subregion Slavonija VARIETY 100% Frankovka HARVEST 2022. LOCATION Matarouge SOIL Loam ABV 11,5 %
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Region Slavonia & Danube
Vintage 2022
Varietal Frankovka