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Enosophia Today Blanc

New Release
2022 Enosophia Today Blanc

Enosophia Today Blanc 2022

New Release
2022 Enosophia Today Blanc
AROMA Dry, fresh sparkling wine with elegant and rounded bubbles. Pleasant emphasized fruitiness combined with freshness. Modern, light, for everyday consumption. Mostly as aperitif drink, but can be combined with light desserts. Attractive, pure and simple aroma of medium intensity. Emphasis is on fruitiness, citrus like green apple, lemon, orange with a touch of floral notes like white cherry flower SERVING At 6-8 °C in a glass for sparkling wine or in a universal glass for white wines Alcohol: 11,5 %vol. Reduced sugar : 10,9 g/l pH 3,06 g/l Total acidity: 7,3 g/L PAIRING WITH FOOD Welcome Wine, White Meet, Pizza, Canelone, Spaghetti VINIFICATION Harvest when acidity is higher and sugar lower. After pressing, fermentation is started lasting for maximum of 14 days at 16 °C. After fermentation wine is preserved at fine yeast sediment with stirring once to twice a week till the end of November. After that period, secondary fermentation starts in special tanks for production by Charmat method. The tanks are called Autoclave. Fermentation also lasts for maximum 14 days at 16 °C. When fermentation finishes, autolysis (yeast extinction) takes place for a month and a half. After that, temperature is gradually decreased to 0 °C when CO2 is added to wine (up to 4 bar). Wine is then put into membrane filter and is getting ready for bottling. WINE REGION East continental Croatia, Vineyard Feričanci VARIETY 100% Graševina HARVEST 2021. LOCATION Slavonia SOIL Combination of vineyards, higher yield, more acidity, less sugar in order to gain less alcohol ABV 11,5 %
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Region Slavonia & Danube
Vintage 2022
Varietal Graševina