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The Art of Food & Wine Pairing


Come experience the harmonious relationship between gastronomy and oenology. Your guided tasting of 5 Johnathan James Vineyards wines will be paired with 5 small bites created by our Chef, Haakon Flaten.

Quick Summary

COST $25 per person
PAYMENT Paid upon booking, Refunded with 2 bottle purchase.
PARTY SIZE 2-8 people

Other Options

Terroir x Honey: How does pollination affect your wine?

Honey, like wine, is a reflection of the place it was produced. When bees hop from flower to flower, they pick up specific flavors to the area. When this same bee then pollinates a grape vine, the flavors are transmitted to later be introduced to the glass of wine you drink! Without bees, and their pollination efforts, vines would not flourish as they currently do. Come learn more about the pollination process, sample honey produced in the Sonoma Valley, and sip on wine that wouldn’t be as complex without the help of the bees.
$25 per person

Vineyard Sustainability Tour

Take a walking tour around our vineyard with our vigneron, or grape-farmer. He’ll highlight the sustainability practices we’ve put into place around the vineyard including our pollination garden, compost, rain barrel collection, and beehives. 
$25 per person

Chardonnay: A Progression

Come taste your way through the 2011-2014 vintages of our Spring Rock Chardonnay. Notice the subtle differences year to year, and gain an understanding of how the climate and other environmental factors are the cause of these changes. Food pairings will be provided by Chef Amar Santana, owner of Broadway in Laguna Beach and Vaca in Costa Mesa. 
$35 per person

Group Tasting

Parties of 8 or more are required to have a reservation. Your group will enjoy 6 pre-selected samples of Johnathan James wine and a souvenir wineglass. These tastings are facilitated in different areas of our property depending on date and time of reservation.
$35 per person