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Ante “Braco” Bagur, Local Representative, Croatia

Braco lives in Metkovic, Dalmatia, and is our local representative working directly with the wineries.

He is Mirena’s uncle, born in Metkovic, and from his early days participated in tending the Bagur family vineyard and helping make their wine. In his professional life, he has worked in the business departments of utility companies, establishing many contacts throughout Croatia.  He also worked as a business analyst in the informatics department of a retail chain. Being an entrepreneur at heart, he later founded and operated a successful bakery in Dubrovnik, which is now operated by his son.

A serious chef, Braco plants his own organic garden, and loves to venture into the woods to pick wild asparagus in season. He is famous for hosting his family and friends at his home for traditional Dalmatian peka dinners.