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Win Burke, President & CEO and Cofounder

Croatian Premium Wine Imports is Win’s first professional experience in the wine industry, after many years of exploring and appreciating good wines from around the world, and learning much about wine production by visiting numerous wineries. He has deep business experience in other industries which he hopes to apply to this new initiative.

Win is a serial high tech entrepreneur experienced in building early stage companies, with an extensive background in multi-national and US high tech company operations in product development and product management, marketing, sales, corporate development/M&As and general management. He is a Co-Founder of iGetBetter, his seventh early stage company, that has developed remote patient monitoring application software for hospitals, since it was established in February, 2013. His previous experience includes large systems vendors as well as six early-stage companies, five of which had successful exits, including four M&As and one IPO. Win was most recently CEO of Incentive Targeting, which was sold to Google. Following his training as an EE/Computer Scientist at MIT, Win began his career as a software engineer, and later became a marketing executive, general manager and CEO. Win is a PSIA certified part-time ski instructor at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire.

Email win.burke@croatianpremiumwine.com