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Saints Hills Le Chiffre

2020 Saints Hills Le Chiffre

Saints Hills Le Chiffre 2020

4.4 |
66 Ratings  on Vivino.com
2020 Saints Hills Le Chiffre
Wine Enthusiast 94. 100% Chardonnay. Clear golden color. First nose is dominated by aromas of apples and pears, some peach and fig. Secondary aromas on the nose are lemon and lime citrus peel, followed by vanilla, butter and honey. Palate is complex and layered with aromas of ripe fruit, peaches, apricot, as well as vanilla, bread and butter and pie crust. Finish is very long, with specific buttery aftertaste. Ageing: Ferments and ages in 100% new French oak barrique barrels. After 12-14 months in barrique it sleeps in a bottle for 6 more months.
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Wine Specs

Region Dalmatia
Vintage 2020
Varietal Chardonnay