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Jagunić Traminac Crveni Amber

2019 Jagunić Traminac Crveni Amber

Jagunić Traminac Crveni Amber 2019

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2019 Jagunić Traminac Crveni Amber
Sold out. New vintage arrives in January. A skin-contact white wine, aka “orange” wine. Although it is not a red wine, a Burgundy wine glass suits this one perfectly. Months of skin contact built this incredible orange wine of true amber color with vivid reflections. To describe this wine in a single word – complexity will be it. Layer after layer of vinous energy reveals new sensation with every sip. Not in any of them You could find often aggressive Traminer notes, as it is not Gewürztraminer variety, but Roter Traminer planted in an old vineyard on a slope just beneath the winery and family house. [Amber (orange) Traminac. Notes of mandarin, honey, minerals. Croatian Uplands/Plešivica]
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Region Croatian Uplands
Vintage 2019