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Marlais Dišpet

2018 Marlais Dišpet

Marlais Dišpet 2018

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2018 Marlais Dišpet
This dry white wine is a blend of the autochthonous Dalmatian sorts Rukatac, Pošip and Dubrovnik Malvasia. It is aged in stainless steel barrels and distinguished by its light gold color, fresh flavor and moderate acidity. This wine is primarily characterized by its floral scent, followed by the aroma of citrus fruits, ripe apples and dried pineapple. Characteristics of this Marlais wine: Delicious, fine, complex. Features a rich taste, elegant body and long finish. Floral, reminiscent of a meadow, with a honey-like aroma. Pairs perfectly with food. Pairing tip: Excellent with grilled white fish, roast turkey and oysters (shellfish).
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Wine Specs

Region Dalmatia
Appellation Pelješac Peninsula
Vineyard Marlais
Vintage 2018
Varietal Maraština/Rukatac