Volarevic Plavac Mali Syrtis 2015

Medium body, 12-16 months in oak

 In the palette of the winemaker's product at Vinogradi Volarević is Plavac Mali Syrtis. From the same heavy, rocky terrain, the grapes of the plavac are marked by its rich sugar and its complex aromas.

The wine obtained from this grape is a ruby red, tannic, with primary aromas that carry the scents of the Mediterranean. All of this has been preserved in the wine by early release into circulation.

The wine spends a short time in barrique barrels, just so that all his robustness gets rounded.

Serving temperature: 18 - 22 ° C

Alcohol:  16%

Maturation:  12-16 months in oak barrels
Aging in the bottle: minimum 12 months