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International Plavac Mali Day – Worldrider’s Gala Winestream

Event Details

September 26, 2021
3:00 pm — 4:00 pm
YouTube and Facebook Live
Choose your favorite Plavac Mali (we will be featuring these 14 different bottles in our Online Store this week with a 10% discount as part of the celebration), and join us in the celebration of the International Plavac Mali Day on September 21 and the surrounding week, which we will wrap up with this winestream on Sunday, 9/26. (Note that we have changed the format and time slightly from what we announced last week.) So, grab a bottle of Plavac Mali – whether you brought it from your trip to Croatia, bought it at a local store, or we shipped it to you – and join in the fun! – 9/26, 3pm Eastern time/21:00 CET — LIVE WINESTREAM: CELEBRATING & DRINKING CROATIAN WINE—Plavac Mali with Allan Karl, the author of many books and webcasts about riding his bike through various countries, including Croatia, and his Youtube Channel: WorldRider. Allan will be live streaming this party from two platforms: – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1X0fzkAidY – you can set a reminder there for yourself now and additional one on Facebook, which we will post shortly on our FB page @croatianpremiumwine. – “Join me as I host an international gala of wine professionals and #winelovers to celebrate the harvest of Croatia’s signature grape varietal, Plavac Mali. So, grab a glass of Plavac Mali if you can, and join the discussion about this delicious wine. I’ll be speaking with a dream team of sommeliers, winemakers, and wine lovers from all over the world.” Note: We will talk about many different versions of Plavac Mali. If you obtain a Coravin Pivot you can open up as many bottles as you like without having to finish them the same day. This version with a stopper is affordable and you get it with a 10% discount from our website. (Note: it will be shipped separately.) Enjoy your Plavac Mali!