May 9, 2019 - All 9 Wine Labels Have Been Approved (COLAs) for Import

On May 9, we received the final federal Certificates of Label Approval (COLAs) for all nine wine labels that will be in the first container shipment:

  • Rizman Plavac 2015

  • Rizman Tribidrag 2016

  • Terra Madre Plavac Mali Premium 2015

  • Terra Madre Plavac Mali Barrique 2016

  • Terra Madre Posip Premium 2018

  • Terra Madre Plavac Mali Rose 2018

  • Volarevic Plavac Mali Gold Edition 2013

  • Volarevic Plavac Mali 2015

  • Volarevic Plavac Mali La Chic Rose 2018

The wineries can now print the approved labels, label the bottles and pack them on pallets. The pallets will be loaded into a container, which will transit the Atlantic on a container ship. We anticipate the container to arrive in Boston sometime in June.

Win Burke, President and CEO

Win Burke